About Us

Formed by international soloists and based in Spanish capital Madrid, this piano & strings quartet offers a refreshed approach to classical music. This unique ensemble was born out of the desire to bring this genre to a larger audience. Combining rebellion and elegance in equal parts it opens a new way in a world of conventional and established paths.
Black Opals create a whole new experience of a classical music concert. Built upon a strong classical music foundation the quartet combines some of the gems of the piano-quartet repertoire with special arrangements, written by or for Black Opals, of some of the popular hits that made history during the 20th Century.
This young, versatile and adventurous project enriches the concept of classical music widening its language to the modern world. Black Opal’s strings make jazz, rock, and pop shine with inventiveness and artistry. At the same time, great music from the past feels more alive than ever.
Named after the precious mineral, the quartet glimmers with infinite colours in its core. Multiple tonalities, that inspired the gaiety of its spirit.
Among avant-garde strokes and sparkling energy, Black Opals talk about transgression and the rupture of routine. This initiative longs for a change. Wants to share the magic and beauty of classical music with those who see it as something distant and unreachable.
It seeks to break barriers.
Build bridges.
Cross oceans of time.
Reveal what’s inside of that beautiful, yet sealed glass case where the classical music hides, isolated from the hectic world of now.